Mrs Douglas’ Adventure

March 12th 2013 : Esperance was the first all day wet day. I need to come back so we are on our way back now.

March 8th 2013: Esperance very nice but didn’t see a lot due to the weather. Albany was very nice. Saw a lot of historical things that I was unaware about so have advanced my education including the last whaling station to close in Australia

Feb 23rd 2013. Here is Quoll having a lovely time at the wedding in Busselton.

The cheeky Quoll follows Mrs Douglas to the wedding

Mrs Douglas’ Adventurefree slideshows with music


Feb 22nd 2013. I don’t remember where I got up to but I think the Telegraph Station almost covered in sand.  After that we went to Norsman.  One of the downsides of thr trip is the lack of signage.  They don’t promote the things to see very well.  The next stop Kalgoorlie to see this great big hole in the ground and some very large pieces of machinery.

From there to Coolgardie where we stumbled upon a museum that told about a miner who had been trapped by a flood in the mine.  He was down there for 10 days and they had to bring in divers to get food and water to him.  This was at the turn of the century 1900.  From there to Bruce Rock, a town I thought had some interest but couldn’t find out.

Just before getting to Perth we stopped at Shakleton to see the smallest bank building and the 3rd largest monolith.  It was interesting but hard to photograph however there was a very large and very deep well.  No more now until the wedding.

Feb 18th 2013.

I am about to see the sights in Kalgoorlie- Boulder, more info soon,  From Mrs Douglas

Feb 16th 2013. While at Port Augusta we went to the Arid Lands Botanical Gardens which were quite amazing.  As I was leaving a little Quoll asked if he could come along. From there I thought I would go down the Eyre Peninsula a little way. Ended up in Port  Lincon where Quoll met Makybe Diva.On the way back north we saw unusual rock formations called Murphy’s Haystacks.

February 13th 2013.

 I am travelling between Renmark and Burra in South Australia.  The photo is a National Trust Building which still has a license.  It was established to serve the people putting in the telegraph line and people opening up the area.  The quarry from which the stone came from is right next to it and they often hold concerts there.

Having trouble with transport, wagon broke down and the bullocks took to the scrub.  This all happened at the Bend Hotel Circa 1847.

We then worked our way up to Ceduna and there was a terible storm. As we approached the storm we found it was only half a kilometer wide.  Dry on either side but hail and a lot of water in the half k.

 From Mrs Douglas.

5 thoughts on “Mrs Douglas’ Adventure

  1. Hi Christabel,
    Sounds like you’re having a wonderful time and seeing alot of the Aussie countryside. What a country of contrasts. Travel safely and continue enjoying yourself. We miss you.


  2. Hi Mrs Douglas I`m Callum from 4A and from watching your slide show I can tell you had a lot of fun on your adventure.

  3. Dear Mrs Douglas,
    What a great adventure you must of had! I personally would like to go SA and WA for a holiday… Anyway hope you had a great time!

    Kind Regards, Tom4A

  4. Hi Mrs Douglas,
    I hope you are having a fantastic adventure and are exploring new things. It looks like your having lots fun. Back in Gisborne the weather in quite warm. Most days are in the twenties and others are in the thirties!!!
    How is the weather where you are?
    I hope the rest of your adventure is safe and happy.
    From Tia 5/6E

  5. Hi Christabel,
    I hope you are continuing to have an enjoyable holiday in the West. Really looking forward to hearing more of your adventures with your sister. Term 1 is almost over and you’ll soon be back in Vic. Time certainly goes by quickly so keep having a great time. Stay safe.

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