Thanks Zac!

“Hey Bookworms! Ms Preaudet and I found and bought some cool NEW non-fiction books! How awesome is that!!!
They will be in the library very soon…. See ya! Zac out! :)”

A big thank you to Zac and Ms Preaudet who were out shopping and came across a bookstore selling some interesting non-fiction books going out at a very cheap rate.  They bought 45 titles for under $100.  What a bargain!  Now to catalogue and cover them all!

Thanks Zac

Scholastic Book Fair

Thanks so much to Danielle Godfrey and  her band of terrific parents who ran a very successful Book Fair. Thanks to their time and effort, the library received $110 dollars worth of books, $800 into the library budget and we will also receive the winning books from the Children’s Book Council of Australia awards.  Thank you to the many families who supported the school by buying books.  Happy reading to you all.

Thanks to Danielle Godfrey


Coco & his donkey

Australia and New Zealand commemorate the ANZAC Day public holiday on April 25th every year to honour the bravery and sacrifice of the members of the Australian & New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC), and all who served their country in time of war.

ANZAC books on display and available for teachers to borrow in the library NOW!


Our first student Book Review

To all bookorms,
My name is Isabelle and Mrs Irwin has requested that I write a book review for the library blog and recommend a book for pupils to read. The first book I am choosing is called;

My Australian Story: Escape from Cockatoo Island by Yvette Poshoglian.
Olivia Markham is an orphan in the 1800’s. When she is shipped to Cockatoo Island she is treated like a common street beggar and a convict. Cockatoo Island is harsh on Olivia. Orphans and convicts are not allowed shoes, spoons or any food except for a thin broth three times each day. They are treated with hard labour and must not complain. When Olivia arrives it seems like torture. However she becomes accustomed to the gruelling terms and besides she has her ever faithful copybook and a small handful of trustworthy friends. When the law finds out about the treatment of these poor girls they decide that Olivia and some other orphans should not be treated like this and they are sent to a slightly better placement in the country. Olivia may have escaped Cockatoo Island; however will she ever find the kindly family she hopes for? You will have to read this book to find out!
Due to the advanced vocabulary and sometimes graphic moments I would say this book is for older primary school students. I really enjoyed this book and I hope you will too!

Isabelle 5/6 C

Footy in the Library

Footy in the Library! Well footy books and magazines to read.

Come in and see Coco in his footy gear  and pick up a good AFL book to read

 to celebrate the start of the 2013 footy season.

PS Check out the caricature of Mr Rogers by Jason Rising.

Oldies but Goodies

Have you checked out the bookshelf that has books that are Oldies but Goodies?

Some of the titles are classic books that your teachers, parents and even grandparents may have read as children. Why not give some of them a go?

The titles may not be funny like the Andy Griffiths series but you may discover a book or an author that your parents loved and you may love it too.