New Books

‘The Third Whee’l is here now!  Reserve your copy.



And the Picture Story, ‘The Gobbledygook is eating a book by Justine Clarke of Playschool is also available.


Presenting our first lot of new books for 2013.  They are currently on display in the library and will be available for borrowing from Monday February 25th.

12 thoughts on “New Books

  1. Dear Annie
    I love the books in the library. Promise me you will get more. I might be reserving a book. Goodbye… for now DON DON DONN
    From Nelson grade 4A

    • Hi Nelson, I am so glad you love our books. It feels like the whole school is totally into reading at the moment. I guess it’s because of the new Classroom Libraries. Happy Reading.


  2. Dear Annie,

    I hope you could get a few ‘Spy Pups and Spy Dogs’
    Also some nerds books please.
    Could you reply back.
    enjoy the weekend.

    From Daniel4A

    • Thank you for your comment and book suggestions Daniel, I will look into what we have in the library and add it to the list. You have a great weekend too.


  3. Dear Mrs Irwin, I really like some of the ideas you have been putting on display at the library for example “oldies but goodies!” I also like the idea of a suggestion box! I think that is very clever idea. I think that you are doing a fantastic job in the library!! From Olivia

    • Gee thanks for the postive feedback Olivia it’s very thoughtful of you. We are doing our best and hope to purchase some more books soon based on everyone’s suggestons. Mrs Irwin

  4. Dear Annie,
    I love the library, it’s my favourite place in the whole school and I love all you’ve done with it, it looks great. I totally agree that the suggestion box was an absolutely fabulous idea and I’ve already suggested a whole series of books already. The blog looks great and the library, excellent. You’ve done a great job.
    From Lily 5/6D

    • Gee thanks for your positive feedback Lily, I really appreciate it. We really want to buy the books that students want to read and will put the box out again at the end of the year. Keep reading! Annie

  5. Hi Annie,
    Our library has so many interesting types of books to choose from. Without a library I would have a sad look on my face. So thank you so much for putting this library together. I also I hope to get more Dork Diaries for the library.
    From Bonnie.

    • Hi Bonnie,

      Thank you so much for writing a comment on the blog, it’s great to hear from you. Great news Bonnie, we do have some new Dork Diaries books in at the moment, please come in and borrow one.

      Mrs Irwin (AKA Annie)

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