New teaching resource now available in the library

The Definitive Dreaming Series, an Aboriginal Nations production

Unique, authentic and diverse; as seen on the ABC

The Dreaming is an award winning animation series recommended by educational institutions throughout Australia and is widely used as a teaching resource for across the curriculum studies in schools and learning institutions in each State & Territory for years 1-10.

These animated films are based on Australian Aboriginal storytelling (oral histories) that have been maintained as a body of knowledge for over 40,000 years. There are 6 parts to the complete series, and each looks at unique indigenous stories, beautifully animated by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists. Children love them and adults are amazed at what they learn about Australia from each story.

Comprehensive teacher’s guides are also available and the introduction booklet will be on the staffroom table.


Watch an episode via Vimeo as we can’t view YouTube at school.

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