Your favourite places in our beautiful school – Thanks 4A

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Have you got a favourite place at New Gisborne Primary School? I do, my favourite place is the stage and the fake grass area. I like this area because after Music on Monday I just relax and chill out with friends near the wooden tables next to the fake grass. What do you like about our school?  Hope 4A

I think it is important to have a favourite place in the school. My friends and I like to hang out at the A-frame. Just lying on the grass and looking at the clouds calms me down after stressful moments. I love hearing the birds chirping.  Mikayla 4A

I believe that our school is very pretty and beautiful. Then it struck me when I was reading a blog post, what is my favourite place in the school?  I decided after a while our food court yard. I chose the food court yard because it is a great relaxing place to chill and communicate with our friends. I also love it in spring when the birds are tweeting, the flowers are blooming and there is a lot of greenery. It makes me relax and unwind.   Ella 4A

My favourite place in the school is the fake grass. At play and lunch I like to relax and chat to friends. We lie down and talk about random things. The fake grass cheers me up.   Holly 4A


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