I love our school

Hi everyone,

I have been away for two months on my teaching round and I am so HAPPY to see our wonderful school.  Of course I am very happy to be back working in our beautiful library, to see all the faces of the students and our amazing teachers and support staff again.  But I noticed something else as I walked around the playground on Monday and I thought, wow this school is so beautiful.

Check out my photos!

So what do you love about our school?  Use your iPad or ask your teacher for the class camera and take a photo of what it is that you love about our school. Is it the library ? (I hope so) Is it your friends or your teacher or a special place in the playground.  Send your pics to me and we will display them somewhere, maybe here on the library blog or in the library somewhere.

Look forward to seeing your snaps.IMG_0022IMG_0025

Happy Reading (always)


13 thoughts on “I love our school

  1. Hi Annie,

    I have lots of favourite places in the school and I enjoy doing this. I think one of the best decorated blogs is the NGPS library blog!

    From Hope 4A

    • Hi Hope,
      Thanks for your lovely comment about the blog. I haven’t written on it all year but it is nice to know that someone saw my post about why I love our school.

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