‘Matilda’ diorama

When you next visit the library, check out Emma’s (4A) ‘Matilda’ diorama. The grade 4’s have been studying Roald Dahl books this term and Emma has made a tribute to the story of Matilda.

Mr Rogers and I were so impressed we asked Emma if we could display her diorama in the library.

Well done Emma and thanks for the loan. I think it is such a perfect display as Matilda loved reading and spent a lot of time at the library.

23 thoughts on “‘Matilda’ diorama

  1. Hi Mrs Irwin
    I have seen it in class she has gone to a lot of trouble while she has been working on it. I like how she has made some books pop out . I have seen the facts. I like how she has used her imagination to make it.
    from Emily 4a

    • Yes, well said Emily. I too like how she used her imagination. And I also like how you have taken the time to read the Library blog and leave a comment. Well done.

  2. Hi Annie,

    It’s so great that you could display Emma’s work for her, Also great job Emma that diorama is excellent i love it.

    From Kimmy.

  3. Dear Mrs Irwin

    I appreciate that you displayed some students work and great things that they have done keep up the good work.


  4. Hi annie,
    I like you have posted a pictures up!!!
    The book i am reading is rowan of rin, rowan and the zebak. It is a death chain storie that is unpredictable.
    From Daniel

  5. Dear Mrs Irwin,

    I really thank you for mentioning about what we are learning about this term. You are a really good library keeper.

    Hayley 4A 🙂

  6. Hi Emma and Mrs Irwin,

    Emma, I love your Matilda diorama. You worked so hard and it turned out to be amazing! Your facts are awesome and you used lots of things around you and you obviously got a very good picture in your head. Mrs Irwin, I think it was very nice of you to put Emma on this blog and she feels so special about it. This blog just gets better and better every time I visit.

    From Rebecca 4A

  7. Dear Mrs Irwin,

    It is great that you put Emma’s diorama on the library blog. Also well done Emma, you did a great job.


    • Well you should feel proud Emma and let me tell you that every grade that come into the library, stop, look and say, ‘Wow who made that, isn’t it awesome!’

      Well done Emma

  8. wow Emma,
    that’s an amazing diorama. You have put so much effort into it and that hard work has payed off.
    it looks amazing and I think the floating books are a great idea. Your diorama really gives me a picture how the library in Matilda would look. Great work.
    Matilda 4a.

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