Footy in the Library

Footy in the Library! Well footy books and magazines to read.

Come in and see Coco in his footy gear  and pick up a good AFL book to read

 to celebrate the start of the 2013 footy season.

PS Check out the caricature of Mr Rogers by Jason Rising.

7 thoughts on “Footy in the Library

  1. Hi Mrs Irwin and Douglas,
    First things first sorry Mrs Douglas I hope I spelt your name right. I really like the idea of footy in the library as I am a big footy fan myself Go the doggies!!! And I wonder what Coco will do next.

    • Hi Jordan, Thanks for your message. Yes, footy season is exciting isn’t it? Yes Coco will be up to something new next term. Keep your eyes peeled for his next big adventure.

      Mrs Irwin

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