6 thoughts on “Book Lover’s Lunch Thank you

  1. Dear Anne

    I had a lovely time at the Book Lovers Lunch. I hope we have another one. I thought it was a great thing to do for the all the people that read outside in the noisy playground. Thank you for the Book Lovers Lunch, I had a great time and i’m sure everyone else that went had a great time as well.
    From Rebecca
    P.S. Kim and I cant wait till u have finished with the Horrible Histories books.

    • Thanks so much Rebecca, I am glad you enjoyed the Book Lover’s Lunch.
      I have catalogued all the Horrible Histories, just need to cover them now. Have a great weekend. Annie

  2. Dear Annie and Mrs Douglas
    I thank both of you to make a library blog on the school web. And Annie I will return the Diary Of A Wimpy Kid next Tuesday.

    from Sam

    • Awesome thanks Sam for your feedback about the blog and for remembering that your return date for ‘Wimpy kid’ is next week. I hope you have managed to finish the book and that you have enjoyed reading it. Have a great weekend.


  3. To all bookworms,
    My name is Isabelle and Mrs Irwin has requested that I make a student’s point of view of some books that I would recommend for pupils of all ages to read. The first book I am choosing is called My Australian Story : Escape from Cockatoo Island by Yvette Poshoglian.
    Olivia Markham is an orphan in the 1800’s. When she is shipped to Cockatoo Island she is treated like a common street beggar and a convict. Cockatoo Island is harsh on Olivia. Orphans and convicts are not allowed shoes, spoons or any food except for a thin broth three times each day. They are treated with hard labour and must not complain. When Olivia arrives it seems like torture. However she becomes accustomed to the gruelling terms and besides she has her ever faithful copybook and a small handful of trustworthy friends. When the law finds out about the treatment of these poor girls they decide that Olivia and some other orphans should not be treated like this and they are sent to a slightly better placement in the country. Olivia may have escaped Cockatoo Island; however will she ever find the kindly family she hopes for? You will have to read this book to find out!
    Due to the advanced vocabulary and sometimes graphic moments I would say this book for older primary school students.
    I really enjoyed this book and I hope you will too!

    • Isabelle, thank you so much for being the first student to complete a book review for out library blog. I am so thrilled and I think you have written a terrific review. I hope you don’t mind that I added the full book title and the author’s name. I would also like to print a hard copy to display in the library and in another section of the blog, with your permission. I can see great things ahead for you Isabelle. Thank you for your initiative, enthusiasm and for your great writing. I bet your parents are impressed too!

      Mrs Irwin.

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