Your favourite places in our beautiful school – Thanks 4A

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Have you got a favourite place at New Gisborne Primary School? I do, my favourite place is the stage and the fake grass area. I like this area because after Music on Monday I just relax and chill out with friends near the wooden tables next to the fake grass. What do you like about our school?  Hope 4A

I think it is important to have a favourite place in the school. My friends and I like to hang out at the A-frame. Just lying on the grass and looking at the clouds calms me down after stressful moments. I love hearing the birds chirping.  Mikayla 4A

I believe that our school is very pretty and beautiful. Then it struck me when I was reading a blog post, what is my favourite place in the school?  I decided after a while our food court yard. I chose the food court yard because it is a great relaxing place to chill and communicate with our friends. I also love it in spring when the birds are tweeting, the flowers are blooming and there is a lot of greenery. It makes me relax and unwind.   Ella 4A

My favourite place in the school is the fake grass. At play and lunch I like to relax and chat to friends. We lie down and talk about random things. The fake grass cheers me up.   Holly 4A


I love our school

Hi everyone,

I have been away for two months on my teaching round and I am so HAPPY to see our wonderful school.  Of course I am very happy to be back working in our beautiful library, to see all the faces of the students and our amazing teachers and support staff again.  But I noticed something else as I walked around the playground on Monday and I thought, wow this school is so beautiful.

Check out my photos!

So what do you love about our school?  Use your iPad or ask your teacher for the class camera and take a photo of what it is that you love about our school. Is it the library ? (I hope so) Is it your friends or your teacher or a special place in the playground.  Send your pics to me and we will display them somewhere, maybe here on the library blog or in the library somewhere.

Look forward to seeing your snaps.IMG_0022IMG_0025

Happy Reading (always)


Welcome back to school

Back to School

Back to School

How exciting to be back at school in 2014. What books did you read over the holidays and what would you like to read from our library? Do you have any suggestions for new books we should have in the library? Please come in to see me for a chat or leave your comments below. Lunchtime library sessions will begin very soon and we hope to trial having the library open after school one afternoon per week as well. Can’t wait to see you all, Annie (AKA Mrs Irwin)

Library closing soon

Hi everyone,

Can you believe that the school year is ending soon?  It seems to have gone so fast.  This means our library will be closing very soon and I will be coming around to collect your classroom library books and the books you borrow to take home.  So please make sure you bring your library books to school next week and I will send reminder letters for those who forget.  Year 6 students please make sure you return your books before you leave NGPS.

Hoping you have enjoyed visiting the library this year.  We are hoping to make some improvements and changes for 2014 and can’t wait to see you all back in the library.

Happy holidays and keep reading (make sure you tell me what you read over the holidays)

Annie & Coco (the library mascot)



Letter Link : AFL

Hey Students,

If you are into the AFL and would like to write directly to your team or to one of their Multicultural Ambassadors, then check out this new website.  If you write a letter with all the correct details, you are guaranteed to receive a reply.  There are also some multimedia games you can play as well.  Ask your teachers for some help or come and see me in the library.  Here is the link.

Go Tigers!!!!


Cyber safety with student teachers!

Student teachers ran some lessons on cyber safety that we attended. We found out some information and would like to share it with you!

First off we were introduced with what cyber safety is, does and how cyber safety is formed.

We learnt not to post personal details on the internet, we learnt about yappy and also we learnt about which sites we can trust and which sites we can’t trust.

We practiced how to create blogs that don’t share our personal details and personal details about our friends.

We also edited a blog that was incorrectly written, and created a blog that was safe for the internet and ourselves.

Important things not to post on a blog include; what you will be wearing, what time and where you will go.

We also learnt the tricks of BONGO, and how they basically ‘Google’ the name given and use the information found to impress you!

Our digital footprint impacts our later life. We now understand that when someone posts something on the internet it will always be there, so we have to be very mindful of what we are posting!


Congratulations & Thank you to Ben of Prep C who entered the Scholastic Book Fair National Family Reading Month competition.   Over 400 schools entered the competition with a total of 2, 073 student entries received.

Ben’s entry was one of 25 national winners. Ben won a reader’s book pack valued at $250 and in addition our school has won $1000 of Scholastic Rewards.

Ben’s winning entry:

‘It helps my imagination and I love learning so many things from all my books.  I snuggle with my mum and read every night and I love it. Reading makes life fun.”

Thank you once again to Ben and his family and to Danielle Godfrey for co-ordinating our Scholastic Book Fair.

We can’t wait to purchase $1000 worth of books for the library.


‘Matilda’ diorama

When you next visit the library, check out Emma’s (4A) ‘Matilda’ diorama. The grade 4’s have been studying Roald Dahl books this term and Emma has made a tribute to the story of Matilda.

Mr Rogers and I were so impressed we asked Emma if we could display her diorama in the library.

Well done Emma and thanks for the loan. I think it is such a perfect display as Matilda loved reading and spent a lot of time at the library.